10 tips for caring for long, curly hair

If you are one of those who have the long curly hair, today we will give you 10 tips for taking good care of it and show off a healthy and beautiful mane. Although you already know that in these cases you must to be patient and one little extra time to treat you the way you deserve and get the results you want.

How to take care of long curly hair

What you need to do to take care of yourself is to practice the following tips:

1) Use a good nourishing cleanser, which contains natural ingredients, free of sulfates and parabens, which will help you retain the highest amount of natural oils. You need to focus on the roots and slide the cleanser through your hair and then rinse it well.

2) Keep hair moisture is a major concern when taking care of your long curly hairTherefore, it is convenient to add a new step to your routine before washing it, so that the hair retains its hydration; To do this, you need to apply a light coating of coconut oil to the curls, focusing on the ends, which will also help ease the process of disentangling and shining.

3) Apply a nourishing conditioner, emphasizing the advice and that the conditioner is working at the right time; It will be important that after each cleanse you do deep conditioning at least once a week, focusing on the tips.

4) Now that your hair is clean and conditioned, it should be untangle carefully to avoid breakage; start with the tips of your hair towards the scalp. Detangle with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.

5) It’s very useful keep hair clean, conditioned and disentangledThis is why it is worth adding a leave-in conditioner that focuses on the ends, which will retain moisture and control the curls.

6) Avoid heat, to minimize split ends, because curling irons and straighteners can dry out and damage hair; Keep in mind that the dryness caused by straightening will cause the hair to break.

7) You have to cut your tips from time to timeespecially problem areas and use sharp scissors to cut the hair.

8) do hairstyles that don’t put strain on your hair at least once a week, for this you need to make sure to keep the hair loose and the ends hidden.

9) Use your fingers to comb wet hair, Do not use brushes and keep in mind that the last rinse should be done with the coldest water you can hold as you will get amazing results as the curls will become sharper and shinier.

ten) To have some perfect curls the next day, gather your hair in a bun on top of my head right before going to bed.

What do you think of these 10 tips for caring for long, curly hair? Do you use others regularly? If so, don’t stop sharing it with us in the comments.

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