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Aicok Milk Frother Review in 2021

Aicok Milk Frother

I already own a coffee machine of the same brand and I have had only good results. I also really like the design of the device, it looks very elegant in my kitchen, very close to my coffee maker. I never thought I could discover new ways to taste my morning coffee after all these years!

I do not regret having let myself be tempted by this little gem. After trying it, several people around me (even the most skeptical) admitted to wanting one too. It’s a nice item to give as a gift because it’s the kind of thing that people are sometimes hesitant to buy for themselves.

Open your horizons and try your favorite hot drink with rich, creamy milk froth. You will never see your coffee in the same light again, and you will be surprised at the intensity of your next hot chocolate.

Cappuccinos and lattes are no longer something you can only enjoy outside your home. This 3-in-1 milk frother allows you to obtain a creamy, creamy foam with a homogeneous consistency at any time and at the temperature you want. Indeed, it offers you the possibility of creating hot, cold, and lukewarm foam, according to your tastes and your mood of the moment.

You can also use it to simply reheat your milk if you prefer a latte or a drink with hot milk. With its fast heating time, you will be ready to enjoy your drink very quickly. In addition, the machine works quietly and the interior is.

• Color silver / black
• 110 / 120V / 400W
• 125 ml capacity
• 2-year warranty upon purchase


  • Possibility of preparing hot, cold, or lukewarm foam.
  • Milk heating function (without frothing)
  • Fast foaming time (60 seconds for hot foam and 100 seconds for cold foam).
  • Easy to use with its 2 illustrated buttons (hot/cold)
  • Extremely silent use.
  • No additional machine required. Works alone.
  • Function for maintaining the milk temperature.
  • Detachable stable and a non-slip base.
  • Produces a good amount of foam.


  • As per price and function , No Cons

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