Choose the Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine – Review Guide

Hello and Welcome! This time the Moomez team wants to help you make the best commercial shaved ice machine, you can imagine with the perfect shaving machine for your business purposes. Have a good party and put your creativity to the test with a scratch machine.

In the following article, we want to introduce you to the world of commercial ice shaver machine and let you know all the possibilities that this product can offer, its places of sale, prices and essential characteristics to consider if you want to have the best product.

Great Northern Premium Quality Ice Cub Shaved Ice Machine Commercial Ice Shaver
  • Premium finish; high impact abs with brass and stainless steel construction
  • Premium quality utilizes a commercial, heavy-duty motor (1/3 hp, 1725 rpm)
  • Fully adjustable stainless steel blade (replaceable)
  • Shaves 6-pound/minute (more than 350 lbs./hour)
  • Commercial grade; backed up by great northern popcorn's 1 year warranty
Paragon Simply-A-Blast Heavy Duty Snow Cone Machine
  • Cast aluminum horn and pusher with two high grade stainless steel blades that are adjustable and easy to replace
  • 1/3 HP, 1725 RPM motor can shave 500 pounds of cube or chunk ice per hour
  • Sturdy stainless steel and aluminum construction with tempered glass panels;
  • Included Accesories: Removable, food grade slated drain deck; 36" drain tube and Serving Scoop
  • Dimensions(WxDxH): 22" x 17" x 16"; Weight: 50 lbs
WYZworks Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Shaver Heavy Duty - Snow Cone Shaved Icee Maker Machine
  • All Stainless Steel Construction: Stable base, Casing and hopper, Shaving blade, Holding bowl
  • Safe Operation: On/Off switch has been shielded with a waterproof cover to guarantee safe operation
  • Smooth Elegant Shape: Its smooth design is eye-catching, completely different from those in common machine designs.
  • Simple & Convenient Operation: Just drop the ice in the hopper, push the handle, and the shaving work is done! (Clean Before and After Use)
  • Extra High Working Efficiency: Highly efficient motor can produce 440 lbs of shaved ice per hour; Dual stainless steel blades help shave ice completely and easily
Paragon - Manufactured Fun Arctic Blast SNO Cone Machine for Professional Concessionaires Requiring Commercial Heavy Duty Snow Cone Equipment 1/3 Horse Power 792 Watts, Blue
  • Output: 500 lbs. of cube or chunk ice per hour
  • Actual Dimensions W x D x H: 16” x 14” x 24”
  • Watts: 792 Motor: 1/3 HP, 1725 RPM
  • Plug: NEMA 5-15p
  • Commercial unit
VEVOR 110V Commercial Electric Ice Shaver 440lbs/h Heavy Duty Snow Cone Maker with Dual Blades, Stainless Steel Slush Margarita Machine for School, Church, Restaurants, Bars, Sliver
  • 【COMPACT CONSTRUCTION】- ETL Approved.Constructed by high-quality stainless steel hopper (4.5-inch in the opening), food-grade stainless steel blades, one-piece injection-molded PC container, and non-slip feet, this ice shaver machine features unbreakable, sturdy, stable for long-term use.
  • 【DUAL BLADES & POWERFUL MOTOR】- The dual blades provide double efficiency comparing to the single blade machines. The high-power 300w copper motor ensures a high rotating speed of 1450 r/min and incredible crushing capacity about 396.8 lbs/h (180 kg/h).
  • 【SAFETY & RELIABILITY】- The shaved ice machine is equipped with an ergonomic handle for labor-saving operation, featuring a limit switch for safety. The ON/OFF switch is waterproof, which is safe enough to operate even though your hands get wet.
  • 【LARGE CAPACITY BOX】- This snowball maker machine adopts a one-piece injection-molded PC storage box, which can hold about 34L (9 gals) of shaved ice. The thickened material will keep ice frozen for a long time.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】- The snow cone machines can be used to crush ice quickly without much effort. Perfect for making smoothies, milkshakes, bottom ice for seafood and sashimi, etc. Widely used in restaurants, bars, parties, home gatherings, etc.

Buying Guide: What You Need To Know About Commercial Ice Shaver Machine

• Shaving machines are used to make ice-based snacks. This is achieved by grating it into chips and then adding some flavouring to taste. The most popular preparations are iced coffee, margaritas or the traditional granita. It has the advantage of helping to get the job done quickly and of quality.
• Among the shaver machines, there are two types that are very popular. These are those for domestic use and commercial or industrial zones. Although the difference may be obvious, both can be used however you want. It can be at your family reunions, birthdays or for personal use.
• Other factors that you can check before buying your shaver machine is the capacity; This will allow you to do the amount of shaver you want. Finally, choose a safe machine with special functions for you.

It is very important to evaluate all the characteristics of a shaver machine in order to choose the best one. To help you in this task, the following buying guide contains all the information you need to know. We hope it will be useful for you to be able to look for similarities and adapt it to your personal needs.

What is a shaver machine and what advantages does it have?

commercial shaved ice machine

Industrial or domestic shaver machines?

We can distinguish two types of shaved machines. Although their difference may be obvious, you don’t need to have a business to buy an industrial shaver machine if you like.

The main difference is the performance and prices.

Their size and capacity are much greater since they are designed for commercial use in bars, restaurants and hotels. They are more expensive and bulky, although the idea is to generate a profit in order to cover the costs of their maintenance.

Domestic: They are the newest available on the market? In the past, it was very difficult to have them since shavers are a mostly commercialized product. These are characterized by being smaller, portable, accessible and represent less electricity consumption. Although their duration is shorter and some give more work.

Capacity6 to 30 Liters1 to 5 Liters
Tanks1 to 3One
Production per hour200 glasses1-4 glasses
Frequency of useAll-day1-2 times a day

Purchase Criteria

It is difficult to give the opinions as we have received about a specific product since we all evaluate it differently. Our recommendation, in this case, is that you think the different factors that characterize shaver machines in order to apply them to your personal situation. We promise you that there is one for you!
  • Capacity
  • Power
  • Features
  • Security

The capacity must be chosen based on the use that you will give to your shaver machine. For industrial purpose at least 5 litres as it measured in litres.


The power of the shaver machines refers to the working capacity of the appliance. Ideally, low power should be chosen so as not to increase energy consumption. We recommend that it be at least 350 watts, to prepare raspados, quick, smooth and delicious.





65 – 320 watts

Soft and textured


350 – 1100 watts

Homogeneous and attractive


A good shave doesn’t just consist of flavoured crushed ice. We can distinguish different textures and preparations if we have a machine that facilitates this work. These purposes can be the level of shaving of the ice, either for frappé or simply liquid to be able to sip with a straw.

Traditional granita. This type of shaver requires water, ice, and sweeteners. The level of sugar will influence the size of the crystals, using little sugar generates a harsh drink with very large ice and without flavour. This the function is the main one, so your machine has to have it no matter what type it is.

Cocktails Not all machines allow adding liquor to their tanks, as this can block their functions. It is not an essential function since you can do a neutral shaver and add the liquor later. 

Dairy products. Making iced coffees or using dairy products in your shavings can make cleaning the machine a lot more work and should be done daily. However, by containing this function, your creative possibilities increase and you will have many more products at your disposal.


Many options play a role in this area, as shaving machines often include sharp blades to create ice chips. In the case of industrial plants, they generate ice by rotating frozen tanks, which can undoubtedly cause an accident. On the other hand, some other considerations will give us greater security.

Filtering the water. It is responsible for eliminating the particles that are added to the water to make it drinkable. These can clog the machine causing accidents or they could also create dull and unattractive looking drinks. We recommend the filter if it is for commercial use and you want to make drinks that visually stand out.

Blocking. This function is essential for the safe shaver. It may be a lock on the blade system that only activates when the ice bin is open. It can also be a rotary tank lock on an industrial machine. They activate automatically when you serve a shave.

How much money should I spend on a good shaved ice machine commercial?

If you want to buy the best commercial ice shaver machine on the market, remember that it doesn’t have to be the most expensive. Of course, expensive machines are usually good, but there is always a chance that you can search for an option with a better price/quality ratio. If you want to get the most value from your shaver machines, choose wisely and consider all its features, not just the price.

How safe is it to buy a shaver machine online?

Why should there be a reason to worry? There are no risks in buying shaver machines online, as you can always get a refund from Amazon. You can also check the reputation of a vendor to make sure your shaver machines will be delivered without any problems.

What should be the warranty period for a good shaver machine?

We recommend buying shaver machines from brands that offer a long warranty. If something goes wrong and your product is broken, you can fix it without spending a penny. Most companies offer a two-year warranty on their products.

How did you create this qualification list with the best shaver machines?

During the creation of this buying guide, we had to look through hundreds of shaved ice machine commercial. The goal was to determine shaver machines that offer the most value for your money, and we believe we have succeeded.

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