Caminos de Santiago in Portugal

The Camino de Santiago It is one of the greatest pilgrimage routes in the world. The tours depart from all over Europe with the final destination being the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, and today from our travel blog we want to tell you what are the routes that start in the Portuguese region.

Caminos de Santiago in Portugal

There are two Caminos de Santiago in Portugal

Currently from the Lusitanian country, they are leaving two different circuits, one from the interior and the other from the coastal sector:

  • In the case of the first, the pilgrimage begins in Faro and passes through different towns, among which Evora, Vila Real, Chaves, Verín, Ourense and Lalín, finally reaching Santiago.
  • At the second the route starts in Lisbon and crosses Santarém, Golega, Coimbra, Porto, Vila do Conde, Rates, Barcelos, Tui, Porriño, Vigo, Redondela, Pontevedra and Padrón until reaching its destination.

Along both routes you can see towns in which different historical monuments are erected, the vast majority related to the religious aspect. On Portuguese territory, you can find the Gothic architectural wonders located in Santarém and Golega, or the spectacular cathedrals and medieval buildings of Coimbra, among many other spectacular sites.

Other places of great importance during the Way of St. James through Portugal are: Ponte das Febres, Ponte de Sampaio, La Cournicova, Puente sobre Ulla, Padrón, Rúa de Francos, Sierra de Labruja, Porriño and Mos and Pontevedra.

All of these sites are characterized by distinctive historical features. For example in Sampaio Bridge there was the defeat of Marshal Ney during the war of independence. In the Bridge over UllaDuring this time, towers were built which stopped the advance of the Vikings.

At Rua de Francos you can see the residence of the former Queen Magnifier, while in Pontevedra you will be amazed by the immense palaces, temples and convents that have existed for hundreds of years.

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