How To Prepare A Professional Carajillo Coffee At Home?


What is a Carajillo Coffee

Carajillo Coffee is an alcoholic beverage. It is usually made with rum, brandy, or whiskey and is served flambéed.

It has its origin in Cuba and is a typical drink of Spain since the time when Cuba was a Spanish colony.

The carajillo is a type of coffee well known in our country, the carajillo is consumed at the end of each meal to be able to make better digestion. The carajillo is basically composed of black coffee and alcohol, specifically with some cognac-type liquor, brandy, whiskey, pomace … which are mixed giving rise to this unique drink.

It is also usually mixed with a little sugar so that it does not taste so strong. Preparing this type of coffee is quite simple, no knowledge of cooking recipes is required to know how to prepare it properly.

History of the Carajillo

This hot combo with such a curious name was not always called that. It happened to other names that ended up being called in a way sometimes because of a pronunciation error. During the Cuban War in the second half of the 19th century, soldiers to relieve tension and comfort the body used to mix products they had on hand. The rum, coffee, and sugar for example.

This combination created a pleasant combination that warmed their bodies and made them feel good. As they tempered their spirits, they dubbed him ‘the heart’. However, over time people named him said ‘carajillo’ and with this name, he stayed.

Carajillo coffee like in the cafeteria

Traditionally, Carajillo Coffee is served by burning brandy or rum, decorated decoratively with coffee beans and lemon rind.
The alcohol evaporates with the flames, leaving its flavor and aroma in the drink.

How to Prepare a Delicious Carajillo

To find the origin of the carajillo we must travel to the time when Cuba was a Spanish colony. There, the soldiers ‘cheered’ the rich coffee of the island with brandy brought from Spain to give themselves ‘corajillo’ before entering combat. And from there, ‘carajillo’.

The carajillo is typical of Spain and we understand that it is coffee accompanied by liquor. A type of coffee that is usually drunk after lunch or during the desktop. Its preparation is very easy, but we will review the main steps of the elaboration of the carajillo:

1) First of all, make coffee with any of the coffee makers we have at home.
2) Once we have the coffee ready, we serve a short coffee in a glass cup.
3) Next, we add the liquor that we like the most, as well as the amount may vary depending on whether it likes more or less loaded, that is, that it has more liquor flavor or this pass is more unnoticed.
4) Some of the most used liquors to make carajillo are: brandy or cognac, whiskey, anise, brandy or pomace, rum, baileys, herbal liquor, etc.
5) Sugar can also be added to the consumer’s taste.

This is how the carajillo is taken today although it was traditionally prepared by burning brandy along with coffee beans and lemon rind. This mixture was then added to the coffee either with all the ingredients or strained.

• Put brown sugar in a cup.
• Add brandy, rum, or whiskey.
• Pour three coffee beans and the bark of an orange.
• Heat the mixture.
• Prepare an espresso with your capsule coffee maker.
• Flambé the heated mixture and add the coffee.

Coffee and Alcohol Combine Perfectly

Coffee in combination with some type of liquor is a very popular drink worldwide. The taste of coffee and alcohol combine perfectly. Also, due to the caffeine in coffee, the drink gives a lot of energy.

Best Tips for Making a Carajillo

Tips for making a Flamed carajillo : As a curiosity, the carajillo that was made in ancient times had slight differences with the current one.

First, the coffee was not prepared and the alcohol was poured, but the coffee bean was picked and then mixed with the liquor that used to be brandy and burned, also adding a pinch of lemon to flavor it.

Good digestion: The carajillo is taken after meals because it mixes the traditional coffee and the traditional shot of orujo. Coffee and shot are taken to promote the digestion of food and in this way, we will have both in one, in a much more comfortable way, and also getting a coffee with a unique flavor.

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