cual es la mejor playa de huelva

Author: Ana IT Huelva It is one of the ideal destinations to spend the holidays if what we are looking for is the coast, the sun and the sea. The beaches of Huelva they go from there from the mouth of the Guadalquivir river to the mouth of the Guadiana river, on the border between … Read more

Travel to Ethiopia

que ver en etiopia

Of the five continents on the planet, Africa is perhaps one of the most magical and fascinating. A destination desired by many, perhaps because it suggests adventure and mystery. Africa itself is a range of peoples, tribes, cultures, beliefs, religions … And among all the places to discover, Ethiopia stands out from afar. Travel to … Read more

London Airport Transfer

Taxi aeropuerto londres

The most recommended option is to use the transfer service in London London is a huge city in which every transfer becomes a journey. And there’s a wild tourist influx, too, so getting around the city involves transfers in an always crowded public transport, as well as transportation to and from the airport. If we … Read more

Dominican Republic Beaches

playa bavaro

If you are looking for a beach destination for your next vacation, do not hesitate, in the Dominican Republic you will find the best, the superior. To prove it, in this article we are going to talk about some of the the best beaches you can find in the Dominican Republic, so you can start … Read more

Claim for Canceled flight due to Covid-19

indemnizacion vuelo cancelado

Often we are not aware of the power or the the rights we have as consumers. Taking advantage of this ignorance, many companies, including airlines, take advantage of it to put off their customers or avoid paying their responsibilities. With everything that happened with the pandemic, many flights have been canceled and these companies are … Read more

Caminos de Santiago in Portugal

camino de santiago en portugal

The Camino de Santiago It is one of the greatest pilgrimage routes in the world. The tours depart from all over Europe with the final destination being the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, and today from our travel blog we want to tell you what are the routes that start in the Portuguese region. There … Read more

Santa Eulalia

Ibiza destino

The beaches of Santa Eulalia, the markets of Ibiza, the cuisine of Ibiza and a visit to Formentera, the must-sees of the island With the arrival of spring and the increase in temperatures, the desire to go out and enjoy the Spanish tourist destinations begins. Therefore, today we want to focus on the island of … Read more

Formentera Island Spain


Formentera is one of the most beautiful islands that we are lucky to have in Spain. This island hides many interesting places to visit and the best way to enjoy it is by renting a car. Rent a car in Formentera It will give you more than enough freedom to move around the island at … Read more

Where is Ibiza?

visitar Ibiza

Author: administrator With the warm weather arriving, there is no better place to go than Ibiza. Take advantage of travel deals to Ibiza that you can find at Viajes Carrefour to disconnect a little from your routine and discover the wonders of this island. Still don’t know what Ibiza has to offer you? Don’t worry, … Read more

Ruta de museos en Extremadura

Museos de

Author: Mariad Extremadura in addition to being a natural paradise, it has a great cultural heritage, and it has a large number of museums which have much to offer history and art lovers. In fact, in Extremadura you can find more than thirty museums full of works of art and pieces of history, today from … Read more