What is the hand diet?

dieta de la mano

Author: Raquel You know what is diet? In recent years, we have seen new popular diets appear. One of them is the call “Hand diet”, based on measuring the proportions of food according to the size of our hand. This diet was published by the North American site “Guard Your Health”, and is presented as … Read more

Personalized toiletry bags are a great option to promote your business

neceser personalizado

For a business or business to have lasting success, it is important that it executes a great marketing plan. Among these strategies, promotional gifts play a fundamental role, as they are a promotional element with which it is not only possible to increase sales, but also to retain customers. For businesses related to the beauty … Read more

Solution for blackheads

trucos para los puntos negros

Look how unsightly and uncomfortable blackheads are, and how difficult they are to get rid of… Luckily, today we’re going to give you some tips to finally end it, keep reading and find out various solutions for points black. Blackheads usually occur on the nose and are more difficult to remove around the edges. When … Read more

Natural Face Masks For Acne Scars

mascarillas caseras para el acne

The acne It is a skin disease that produces pimples or pustules and occurs mainly in adolescence, affecting a large part of young people of both sexes. If you suffer from it, keep reading because today we are going to explain to you How to prepare natural masks for acne. In acne they occur black … Read more

Beauty at home: a growing trend

belleza a domicilio

The beauty at home it was already a increasing trend in Spain, and with the arrival of COVID, it has finished settling in our country. Many people choose take care of yourself and stay at home, so it becomes a excellent alternative. Whether it’s for a haircut, dye, manicure or even a massage. Read on … Read more

10 tips for caring for long, curly hair

cuidar el pelo largo rizado

If you are one of those who have the long curly hair, today we will give you 10 tips for taking good care of it and show off a healthy and beautiful mane. Although you already know that in these cases you must to be patient and one little extra time to treat you the … Read more

Wonder Method: The Best Way To Lose Fat


On a daily basis, many people who care about their bodies looking for reduce body fat. In addition to for aesthetic reasons, it is a fact that reducing body fat allows you to lead a better lifestyle and enjoy better health. Such is the importance of this fat loss that it is one of the … Read more

Tips For Atopic Skin Beauty Stuff

piel atopica

When purchasing beauty or personal hygiene products, it is always important to consider the type of skin we have. Everyone has a different skin type and using the wrong product can be a problem. For this reason, people with atopic skin they should always buy atopic skin products in order to take better care of … Read more

Pistachios for Weight loss | Beauty Stuff

pistachos para adelgazar

Recent research has revealed that pistachios are great allies if you want to lose weight, in addition to having significant amounts of antioxidants. That is why you should keep them in mind if you are on a diet. Eat pistachios, an ally to lose weight Nowadays, pistachios can be considered a snack ideal for helping … Read more