Claim for Canceled flight due to Covid-19

Often we are not aware of the power or the the rights we have as consumers. Taking advantage of this ignorance, many companies, including airlines, take advantage of it to put off their customers or avoid paying their responsibilities. With everything that happened with the pandemic, many flights have been canceled and these companies are offering alternatives to their passengers in order not to refund the price of the ticket. This does not necessarily have to be the case and, precisely for this reason, we will talk in this article about Vueling claims in case you were stuck in some sort of similar case.

How to claim a flight delay or cancellation

Claim for Canceled flight due to Covid-19

If your flight was canceled by Covid-19, you have every right to be fired at least the price of the ticket. On the other hand, the company can negotiate with you moving on another flight, giving you a voucher redeemable in the future or some other type of compensation. However, it is important to know that these compensations will only be valid if you agree, otherwise they will have to refund the full price of the ticket.

On the other hand, depending on the coronavirus situation at the time of the flight cancellation, it is possible to claim compensation of up to 600 euros. The value of this compensation will depend on the distance in kilometers of the flight you had contracted.

Claiming a Flight for Cancellation

If your flight was canceled for some other reason, you will also be entitled to a claim. However, for this to be successful, at least one of these two conditions must be met. That the cancellation of the flight came from an airline of the European Union and that the flight that was canceled was to take off from a country of our European Union. As in the previous case, the amount of compensation will depend on the distance of the flight in question.

Compensation in the event of delay or overbooking

In these cases, you may also have right to a complaint. Depending on the situation at the origin of this loss, it will oscillate between € 250 and € 600.

If a flight of less than 1,500 kilometers has been delayed, the compensation will be € 250. This will amount to € 400 if the distance is between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers and will be € 600 for distances greater than 3,500 kilometers.

On the other hand, you can decide not to travel because the flight delay means that your trip is no longer meaningful. In this case, you can request a ticket refund that you purchased from Vueling as well as the remainder of the expenses you incurred as a result of said delay. These expenses could be, for example, that of having to pay a hotel to have to stay the night or that of a tour that was missed. The airline itself will have to meet all these expenses and you can claim them without any problem since it is not your fault.

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