Consejos para una buena higiene íntima femenina

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When it comes to good personal hygiene, it is important to know what feminine intimate hygiene requires special care. Until a few years ago, information like this was quite taboo. Fortunately, today there are more products with which you can have good hygiene and avoid disease, as well as more information on the Internet. To know what are menstrual cups or how we should perform this hygiene, it will not only help us to have better hygiene, but also to avoid making mistakes that could end up making it worse. In this article we will give you some tips so that you take them into account when carrying out your daily intimate hygiene.

How to have good female intimate hygiene

Here’s what you need to put into practice:

Avoid douching

Many women mistakenly think that a shower is good because they associate the shower with cleanliness. It is important to specify that this practice can become quite dangerous, since these showers may make vaginal discharge worse And they can end up killing healthy bacteria that protect the vagina from infection. If you have any doubts, there is no one better than your doctor to perform this type of consultation.

Choose cotton underwear

When you go to buy your underwear, make sure they are cotton. Even if you find a set of lingerie sexy enough, you should know that silk or nylon underwear limits air circulation and can end up causing irritation due to excessive sweating in your intimate area. Cotton clothes, in addition to being much more comfortable, will help you keep your private area in pristine condition. And remember, when choosing clothes, you should avoid being too tight.

Be careful with the products you use

Many women find themselves worried about the smell showing their intimate area. This is normal and of course it is not the result of poor personal hygiene. For this reason, you should avoid falling into the temptation to use products such as deodorants or soaps that contain perfumes or alcohol, as you will only irritate the area and cause long-term damage. . Use products specially designed for this area, such as the menstrual cup.

Watch out for hair removal

Finally, specify that you must be careful with hair removal. If you do not wax this area in a professional center and decide to do it at home, be careful not to produce small cuts on the lips. Being a delicate area, it is advisable to be careful enough and take the hair removal process more calmly than usual.

Good sense of cleanliness

Cleaning of the intimate area should be done always back and forth. It is important to do this with common sense because otherwise the germs that surround the anal area can come in contact with the urethra and lead to infection.

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