Difference Between Soft Pod and ESE POD

Easy to use and maintain, the pod coffee maker simplifies the lives of coffee enthusiasts. The choice will not be lacking since there are different models available on the market.

Flexible or ESE, these two types of pods have their own particularity not only in terms of their characteristics but above all, in terms of the quality of the result obtained and the benefits they provide.

The special features of the ESE pod

The ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pod has the advantage of producing consistent quality espresso coffee. There is no need for grinding adjustment, and there is no risk of its user making mistakes when dosing or tamping.

It’s very conservative quality allows it to keep the taste and aroma of coffee much longer. It is also very practical and very hygienic.
Easy to maintain, the ESE pod prolongs the life of the coffee machine. To this is added its ecological character, because it does not have a plastic or metal capsule. Apart from that, it is suitable for several types of coffees, which leaves a wide choice to its user who can quite opt for coffee beans at more affordable prices but of very good taste.

The special features of the flexible pod

Unlike the ESE pod, the flexible pod produces coffee with light and less compact taste. The flexible pod does not pack the coffee, and therefore the grind obtained is much larger. This makes the cup of coffee less consistent and lighter. In this sense, to get a cup with a stronger and more creamy taste, you have to choose the right coffee beans.

The ideal is to opt for bitter and full-bodied coffees. This implies that the flexible pod does not perfectly match all types of coffee. This equipment also has the advantage of providing coffee in small or large quantities according to the needs of the consumer, without the latter being likely to make the wrong dosage.

How to make the right choice?

To choose the ideal pod, the consumer must take into account several criteria. You should know that the ESE pod is compatible with almost all types of manual espresso machines. However, it can still be used with an automatic espresso machine which is more practical and faster. However, to avoid any possible error, verification is necessary during the acquisition of the machines.

These generally bear the ESE logo if they are compatible with the said pod. For its part, the flexible pod is more suitable for an automatic machine. What does not leave too much choice for consumers?

In terms of price, the ESE pod costs much more, however, it does not require the use of very high-quality coffee to obtain a very good cup. Unlike the soft pod which costs less, but which requires coffee beans of a certain quality.

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