Do you know how and why diamonds have become the greatest proof of love?

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It might be hard for most to admit it, but the truth is that a lot of the women on the planet dream of that day when their other half kneels on the ground and asks the magic question, but not before. for having placed an engagement ring out of your pocket, the protagonist of which will undoubtedly be the diamond.

And the point is that most people on the planet have heard that “a diamond is forever” before, although it is also true that a large part of them do not know where this saying comes from, this saying. phrase or rather this slogan.

In 1947, Frances Gerety, founder of the NW Ayer & Son advertising company which had been hired by the South African company De Beers, which monopolized the world diamond market, proposed the slogan “A Diamond is Forever”, thus obtaining a absolute success. which has held up over time, so much so that around 80% of couples who get engaged in Europe, Japan and the United States do so with a diamond.

But choosing the most suitable diamond is not always easy and certain characteristics must be taken into account to guarantee the quality of the product purchased.

As stated from Bilbao diamonds, specialists in buying diamonds, “diamonds are distinguished from other precious stones by the possibility of determining their quality according to standards and nomenclatures. Either way, determining a diamond’s quality grading is far from a straightforward process ”.

And it is that, “the characteristics which determine the quality and, therefore, the value of a diamond are color, clarity, weight and size, traditionally known as the 4C of diamond, due to its acronym in English (Color, Clarity, Carat and Coupe). A fifth has been added to these 4Cs, the certificate, which is why today we often hear about the 5Cs of diamonds ”.

The common thing today is that when acquiring one of these precious stones, it is accompanied by a quality certificate made by a certification laboratory that proves its authenticity, as well as the 4Cs of the gem.

In any case, and despite the fact that this is something that was established by an advertising campaign, the diamond continues to be the greatest proof of love today.

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