How do I know if a man only wants me as a friend

Author: Raquel

When the signs aren’t too clear, it’s hard to tell if what that special man wants is to stay in the friends zone or take our relationship one step further. But if we stay tuned we’ll find some details that tell us what exactly does he hope to get from us and find out if this man only wants us as a friend.

Signs that a man only wants us as a friend

One of the clearest signs this man wants to be more than just a friend is plan outings alone with us. Most likely insist on organizing activities as a couple, not to mention the rest of the group. If, on the other hand, he doesn’t show signs of a desire to be intimate with us, he will most likely feel comfortable with the current situation.

On another side, take an interest in other women It can mean two things: that you don’t want to start a relationship with us, or that you want to make us jealous. In the second case, we will notice that he insists too much on telling us how much he loves others, although he dares not have anything serious with any of them.

A sure sign that she only wants us as a friend is the fact that find us a boyfriend. The moment he starts to imply that other guys can be our perfect match and he sets up dates with them, we’ll know he doesn’t mean to be anything other than our friend. .

We will notice that there is no possibility of relation when treat us like one more friend. That is, when there is no sign of flirtation such as intense eye contact, “accidental” rubbing, or compliments. If the only thing he wants is to maintain a friendship, he will show the same attitude towards us as he does towards the rest of his friends.

Study your reaction when we talk to you about our feelings is the key to knowing your intentions. If we ever let him hear that we love him, he may act differently, play with us, or quickly change the subject. By reacting in the latter way, he shows that he is not comfortable talking about a possible relationship with us.

On the other hand, the logic if you want to conquer us is that you frequently dedicate kind words to us and have beautiful details with us. For example, small gifts, invitations and love messages on the mobile. You will also probably try to console us whenever we are sad and support us in all of our decisions. It’s easy to mistake these signs for just friendship, so you have to be very attentive to their behavior to know their true feelings.

There is an almost infallible sign that shows us that this man wants to continue to be our friend. And it is that if so he will laugh when they confuse him with our partner, specifying that the idea of ​​going out with us seems impossible.

I hope that by paying attention to all these signs you will know if this man only wants you as a friend or want something else. Be sure to let us know if this post was helpful to you or what other signs you noticed.

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