How To Change The Battery Of A Brita Carafe?

The Brita decanter is an accessory allowing you to enjoy fresh water and having a pleasant taste throughout the day, without having to store many bottles. For its proper functioning, this equipment is equipped with various elements, including the indicator allowing to know if the filter should be replaced.

In the event that it no longer works, the battery must be replaced. After an overall presentation of the Brita carafe, discover the different steps to follow to change the battery in your timer.

Brita Carafe Stack

Change indicator stack

The battery fitted to a Brita carafe is located at its change indicator which warns the user of the need to change the filter. The change should be made when the cartridge no longer indicates reliable information.

It should be noted that the indicator fitted to this carafe is based on the number of uses. It analyzes both the passage of time and the number of liters of water that have been filtered (more precisely the number of times the valve has been actuated). Note that this is not necessarily a foolproof system since it does not take into account the hardness of the treated water. Nevertheless, it allows you to have a little idea of ​​the use of the filter cartridge.

When the indicator is broken, the filter carafe remains operational, but it becomes impossible to know automatically whether the filter should be changed. It is therefore essential to adopt a parallel reminder so as not to forget to replace the LED cartridge when necessary. It would then be necessary to change the battery of the indicator or timer.

How to replace the battery in a Brita carafe?

As soon as you notice that the change indicator on your Brita filter carafe has broken down, do not wait to replace the battery. The latter has a fairly long lifespan, of the order of two or three years. You should regularly take a look at the timer to make sure it works well.

It is generally around and flat battery of the type CR2032 . It is important to emphasize that the device is very rarely designed to be opened. In addition, accessing the battery can be difficult. Indeed, its container can be securely fixed or delicate to open. In addition, you may also face sealing concerns after changing the battery.

If you are a handyman, you can do it yourself. In practice, you will need an electrician’s screwdriver, a drill with a very small bit, a cutter, a small spade (toothpick type) without forgetting the roll of adhesive tape. All this equipment will be needed first to remove the timer from its location, then to remove the battery and bring in the new one, then make the timer waterproof.

It is however strongly recommended to buy a new change indicator that already incorporates a new battery. Then simply dislodge the old-timer and install the new one and voila. Then there is no risk of unpleasant surprises during use. It will cost you less than 10 euros.

The Brita carafe, to have fresh and delicious water at all times


The Brita carafe is used to filter the water, to rid it of any impurities while improving its taste. Using filtered water to cook with your robots and others also improves their longevity.

This equipment is made with rigid and robust plastic, but not heat resistant. This 2.4-liter carafe is rather compact.

Its use is simple thanks to its cover with a valve system which is easy to manipulate with the thumb. In terms of design, different colors are available in addition to neutral to satisfy all preferences: lime green, blue or even graphite.

How does it work?

To treat the water you are going to drink, the Brita carafe is fitted with a filter cartridge. Moreover, this accessory is commonly called “Brita filter carafe”. Its filter captures any impurity, in particular, those which could have contaminated the water during its passage through the piping network (copper or lead residue).

The actual filtration is carried out thanks to the Maxtra technology allowing to decrease the rate of limestone and to eliminate any element which modifies the taste of the water like chlorine or organic substances.

The instructions are child’s play. Just fill the filter carafe with tap water. The filter cartridge then does its job. From then on, you just have to pour water to taste it.

An efficient filtration system

It is interesting to note that the cartridge of the Brita filter carafe provides multiple filtrations. Initially, a fine mesh membrane captures large residues. It is the ion exchange resin which intervenes thereafter. It is this element that will retain heavy metals while eliminating carbon dioxide and demineralizing water.

To all this are added the microbeads of activated carbon whose role is to lower the level of organic substances and chlorine. Then the filtration is completed by a final pass through a fine-mesh membrane.

Essential accessories for optimal use

Brita Standard Water Filter, Standard Replacement Filters for Pitchers and Dispensers, BPA Free - 2 Count
  • BPA FREE: Enjoy BPA free Brita Standard Replacement Filters made to fit all Brita pitchers and dispensers except Brita Stream pitchers. Height 5.31; Width 2.31; Length/Depth 2.31; Weight .13 pounds
  • CLEANER: Only Brita filters are certified to reduce Chlorine (taste and odor), Copper, Mercury, Zinc and Cadmium. Contaminants reduced may not be in all users' water
  • EASY INSTALLATION: A pull top cap makes filter change quick and easy with no pre-soaking necessary in order to enjoy great-tasting, filtered water in minutes
  • REPLACEMENT FILTER: Replace your standard filter every 40 gallons, about every 2 months for the average household. Brita filters last 2.5x longer lasting that Zero Water
  • REDUCE WASTE & SAVE: One Brita standard filter can replace 300 16.9 ounce water bottles. You’ll stay hydrated, save money and reduce plastic waste

The Brita filter carafe has an LED cartridge that acts as a change indicator: it allows you to know whether to change your filter in order to constantly benefit from optimal filtration. It is at this level that we find a battery that must be changed when it no longer works.


Although a faulty indicator has no impact on the performance of a Brita carafe, it is preferable for it to be operational. Unless you have to count the number of times you have used it. Note that there are also applications to install on your Smartphone or tablet that allows you to manage this kind of thing.

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