How to Make Latte Coffee?

How to make latte? What Caffè Latte is and how it differs from coffee with milk that we all know.

While it is true that ‘latte’ means ‘milk’ in Italian, drinks are not the same. The difference lies above all in its preparation.

Let’s see then what is Café Latte, one of the types of coffee that generate more confusion.

What is Latte Coffee?

Caffe Latte is a type of coffee prepared with espresso coffee and steamed milk. It is usually prepared with a third of espresso, two-thirds of heated milk, and a centimeter of foam.

It is also often called Latte Macchiato, which in Italian comes to mean “stained milk,” so it contains a higher proportion of milk than coffee.

It is also confused with the cappuccino, but the truth is that it has less foam and is usually served in a higher cup.

Therefore, its main difference with respect to coffee with milk is its mode of preparation. Coffee with milk contains a more equitable amount of milk and coffee, although according to the tastes of each one it can vary.

If you already know what caffè latte is and now you just want to be able to prepare yourself one at home, stay with us. Here we tell you how to prepare Caffè Latte, the 4 steps you must follow.

How to Make Latte?

The main difference of Caffè Latte with respect to coffee with milk is precisely its mode of preparation. This variation of the classic coffee with milk basically has an additional layer of frothed milk on top.”

4 steps to follow to prepare Caffè Latte:

1. Heat milk and pour it into a large cup.
2. Prepare the espresso coffee and pour it into the cup.
3. Steam some extra milk and add the steamed milk.
4. Add the amount of sugar to your liking.
5. Accompany your coffee by reading a good book.

The new formula of Cafes Baqué manages to find a drink that preserves all the nuances, all the aroma, and all the properties of coffee. In addition, he adds a whole fresh cow’s milk, which is collected daily from local farmers.

This is how our Caffè Latte is prepared, without adding any type of preservatives, stabilizers, dyes, or additives. A 100% natural drink in a format ready to drink, so you can enjoy it wherever and how you want.

1- Latte macchiato, the 3 Italian

Latte macchiato means “spotted milk” in Italian and refers to the peculiar way of preparing it. First, the hot and frothy milk is served and allowed to stand at the bottom of the glass. Then the coffee is poured, which is filtered through it to create its characteristic layers. An artistic combination of intensities and textures perfect for any moment of the day. Enjoy it at home with our varieties of Latte Macchiato you will fall in love!

2- Bombón Coffee: only suitable for a sweet tooth

Bombón coffee is a specialty of espresso with milk originating in Alicante that combines all the intensity of coffee with the extra sweetness of condensed milk. It is usually served in a glass cup or glass that allows you to clearly see the separation between coffee and milk. A delicious and creamy combination of flavors, perfect to taste with dessert. Without any doubt, the coffee with milk preferred by the sweet tooth!

3- All Italian breakfasts start with a good Cappuccino

The cappuccino, from its origin in the late seventeenth century, has been gaining popularity to become one of the most popular coffee with milk in the world. Its name is associated with the creation of a brown coffee, the color of the hood of the Capuchin monks, the result of mixing it with milk, cream, or even egg. Although its texture is ideal for any time of the day, the truth is that in Italy, the cradle of this variety of coffee with milk, it is only taken for breakfast. And you, when do you enjoy your cappuccino moment?

4- The trendy latte is called Flat White

In the 80s, Australians and New Zealanders got tired of the foam of the Italian cappuccino and began asking for a more “flat” variant. This is how Flat White was born, the trendy coffee with milk among third-generation coffee growers. Barista disagrees on what the original recipe, but most agree that the flat white is prepared in a 150 ml cup with two shots of espresso and a thin layer of milk froth. The result is similar to a cappuccino, but less creamy and with a more intense coffee flavor.

5- Baby Latte: coffee with milk for decaf lovers

Soft, sweet and decaffeinated, a perfect option for any time of the day. The Baby Latte is a balanced combination of flavors and textures perfect for decaf coffee lovers. It is made up of decaffeinated espresso, milk, brown sugar, caramel, and the crispy touch of almonds. The result is a creamy combination of subtle roasted and sweetened notes that stand out above the bitter character of the coffee. What more could you want?

6- New capsules Coffee with Intense Milk: all the intensity and flavor of coffee

Our new Intense Milk Coffee not only has the best of traditional milk coffee but also gives you an extra intensity in each sip. Each capsule contains the best Robusta coffee beans from South Asia, combined with the exact milk point, to offer you the best flavor and the stimulus you need to start your day off right. Let the intense coffee flavor of this new variety awaken all your senses!

With a lot of milk or with little? Hot or cold? With foam or without foam? Short or long coffee? Sweet or bitter? Whatever your perfect version of coffee with milk, do not forget to enjoy the endless possibilities offered by coffee.

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