Irish Coffee Recipes – Step by Step Explanation

As a curiosity, I will tell you that in many places the Irish coffee that they serve, if you look closely, they prepare it with Scotch whiskey, which is a bit contradictory, and perhaps in those places, they should call it coffee with whiskey, without more. And is that the main characteristic of Irish coffee is that it is prepared with Irish whiskey that, apart from the letter “e” that appears in the name, differs from Scottish in that it is made only with barley that is dried without using peat and it undergoes a triple distillation, making the taste smoother and more delicate than that of Scotch whiskey. Irish whiskey should also not be confused with so-called American whiskey ., which is made mainly with corn as the main grain.

The recipe explained below is to prepare an alcoholic drink so if you are not of legal age, you should not prepare it.

Although it is something that suits everyone’s taste and then everyone who does what they want with their coffee, Irish coffee is drunk without mixing with the cream, that is, we take sips of the coffee that goes through the cream and when the coffee is finished, the cream is taken with the spoon.

Irish coffee is a variety of traditional coffee that has become famous worldwide. It is a hot drink made from loaded coffee, sugar, Irish whiskey, and semi-whipped cream that is delicious and is ideal to combat the cold, drink alone, or share with friends and family. If you want to know how to make Irish coffee at home in a simple way, in the following article of How we show you the recipe step by step. Take note!

So now let us know Irish Coffee Recipes


30 gr Whiskey
15 gr sugar
one coffee
Whipped or semi-whipped cream

Step by Step Preparation 

– Heat the Whiskey with the sugar and stir well until all the sugar is completely dissolved.

– Put in a glass where it is going to be served.

– Prepare a coffee and with the help of an inverted spoon, let the coffee fall sliding down the glass of the glass, so that it does not fall directly on the Whiskey and thus the colors do not mix.

– Finally, decorate with whipped or semi-whipped cream and serve immediately.

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