Keys to organize your time

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Time…If we could go to the supermarket and save some precious time per kilo that would be great, I think more than one would invest their money in it. But unfortunately this is not possible, so you must read this article in which we offered to give you some tips and tricks to organize your time.

How to manage time

Here are some keys you need to consider for effective time management:

The first thing is to learn to set priorities.

You need to prioritize your tasks, stop for a moment to think about everything you have to do and you will be able to see which tasks are urgent, which you can postpone, which you need to delegate and which are not really necessary and you can walk away. get rid of .

Plan your tasks and focus on one at a time

Once all of your tasks are clear and prioritized, it’s time to planning. This applies to both your personal and professional life, you can spend a few minutes at the start of the day writing down everything you have to do and thus get a general idea of ​​how best to accomplish them. A good idea is to try to do at the start of the day what is most difficult or unpleasant for usThroughout the day, willpower will decline and it will be more difficult for us to cope with this type of task.

And when you start a task, focus on it and don’t get distracted by other questions. You will be much more effective if you focus your attention on completing one task at a time than if you try to do several different things at the same time.

Using the phone correctly

Another problem is how much time do you spend talking on the phone per day? For example, if you talk to people that you will see later or the next day, limit yourself to telling them only what you need, don’t talk about things that you can say later.

Pick up the phone, or turn it off, or don’t answer, why not? Or do you always have to be available? Same goes for chats and social networks, if you can’t give it up, the best is if spend time That it seems sufficient but not excessive, and if possible always at the same time, is also part of your life and therefore should enter your list and have an order.

Learn to say Not!

Allow yourself without remorse to say “no” when they constantly ask you for favors that distract you from your path, or when typical friends or people who are never absent show up at your house without warning or calling before, when you do. you may have finished or but always starting with one of your priority tasks for the day, and you cannot continue.

It has to do with setting limits, if you are still willing and predisposed for others, where are they? your interests and your business?

It’s normal that then no time, if you are more dedicated to strangers than to yourself.

Take care of yourself and watch what are you investing precious sunk minutes into.

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