Complete Guide of A Neapolitan Coffee Maker? Check out The Best Collection


We refer to the Neapolitan coffee maker, also known as cucumella.

What Is A Neapolitan Coffee Maker?

A cucumella, or Neapolitan coffee maker, is normally built-in stainless steel (although you can also find aluminum or even other materials), and consists of two similar containers. They are not exactly the same, because one has an exit hole and another does not.

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A screw-on filter is located in the center of both, which is where the ground coffee is placed. The three pieces are twisted and remain as a single piece, similar in appearance, as we have already said, to that of the Italian mochas or coffee makers of all life.

Many Neapolitan coffee machines have a built-in lid with a knob for gripping it. In these cases, we must point out that the lid can be placed on either end of the coffee maker since both are the same: both need to be placed as the base of the coffee maker at some point in the brewing procedure (we will see this better later on) ).

The coffee Neapolitan is strong, tasty, dense, intense flavor, and light body. These qualities come from the extreme slowness with which the filtering process develops. It is usually consumed in small cups (the same ones that would be used for an espresso coffee).

How Does the Neapolitan Coffee Maker Work?

Neapolitan Coffee Makers

Not everyone knows how the Neapolitan coffee maker is used, and what is worse, many misuse it because they think it works the same as an Italian (or mocha) coffee maker. To make a good Neapolitan coffee, follow these steps:

1.   Serve the coffee in the filter of your Neapolitan coffee maker. The ground must be medium, and the dose does not exceed 6 grams.

2.   In the lower part of the coffee maker, you must serve the water. You must never exceed the limit, or the coffee will overflow later.

3.   Screw the filter with coffee on the bottom, and then screw on the top ones (which will be empty at the beginning now). Make sure the entire coffee pot is well sealed and nested.

4.   Put the coffee maker on the fire, with the nose (hole) down. Make sure that the handles are not close to the heat source … because then you will have to put your hands on them.

5.   Bring the water to a boil. After a few minutes, the water will boil. You will know because a trickle of steam will come out of the hole in the coffee maker.

6.   Here comes the key operation: Grab the coffee maker firmly by the two handles, and flip it over. The movement must be fast.

7.   Now the coffee will be leaking into the lower tank. It is filtered by gravity, since now the hot water will be at the top, and will fall towards the bottom through the filter where the coffee is. Let a few minutes pass … and your coffee will be ready.

If you want to know how a Neapolitan coffee machine works, you just have to watch the following video. More didactic impossible. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Neapolitan Coffee Makers: Prices and Models

Where to buy a Neapolitan coffee maker? Well, unless you live in Italy, the easiest thing is to buy a Neapolitan coffee maker online. In other words: on Amazon.

The offer is not very extensive, but there are various models and various brands of Neapolitan coffee machines on the market. In this list, we review the most important ones, and we update their prices and offers daily, some have a discount!

Maintenance: How to Clean a Neapolitan Coffee Maker

The maintenance of a Neapolitan coffee machine, or cucumella, is similar to that of an Italian coffee machine. Although the parts are dishwasher safe, it is always recommended to wash them by hand carefully.

Differences Between An Italian Coffee Maker And A Neapolitan Coffee Maker

They look the same, they look similar, they both come from Italy … but they are not the same. We will now review the main differences between Italian coffee machines and Neapolitan coffee machines.

First of all, the two containers of the Neapolitan coffee maker are the same (except for the one with the outlet hole). This does not happen in the case of mochas.

·         The lid on Italian coffee machines is fixed (it always goes on top). In the case of Neapolitan coffee machines, the cover can be placed interchangeably at either end.

·         The two bodies of Neapolitan coffee machines have their own handle since they are handled independently. They both fit together (like a double handle) when the two pieces are screwed together.

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Complete Guide of A Neapolitan Coffee Maker? Check out The Best Collection

We refer to the Neapolitan coffee maker, also known as cucumella. What Is A Neapolitan Coffee Maker? A cucumella, or Neapolitan coffee maker, is normally built-in stainless...

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