The Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

Do you know which they are the most expensive dogs in the world? Faithful, affectionate, loyal, endearing and the best friend we can have are some of the qualities that we could attribute to our canine companions. Before buying one, be aware that there are notable differences in the price of each species.

Which are the most expensive dogs?

The most expensive dogs in the world that we have referred to are:

Pharaoh dog

One of the breeds most admired by the Egyptians in classical antiquity, this type of dog is obedient, quick and curious. To know if he is happy, just look at the color of his ears and nose, because he will turn pink.

Considered a great hunting dog, this dog can bring back a not insignificant price of approximately 6,000 euros.


Also baptized a little lion because it is wrapped in a mane that reminds us of the king of the jungle, this dog due to its small size is ideal if your house is not too big. Although it is one of the less frequent breeds in the world, the truth is that little by little it has made its way into the homes of many dog ​​fans.

The price of this animal is around 7,000 euros.


With a playful character and tender appearance, this dog dominated by a thick white coat is the most 10,000 euros. He is perfect as a night watchman and protector. He was originally a hunter and herder of reindeer herds. Continuing with his character, you could say that he is tolerant, gentle, loyal and playful.


It became very popular when the movie, starring Richard Gere, “Always By Your Side, Hachiko” was released. This dog native to Japan has been divided into two types of branches: Asian and North American. Many Japanese consider it sacred because of the bravery that characterizes it. The price of this dog breed may be in the 4,000 euros.

Chow chow

Another of the more expensive dogs that we find represented in the Chow Chow, a canine breed from northern China. It is believed to have been used as a model for Foo’s dog, the ancient stone guardians found in mythical Buddhist temples and palaces.

Its price is in the 8,000 euros.

English bulldog

One cannot leave out another dog like the English Bulldog, one of the most popular in the United States. In a good mood, this dog is small, but quite robust.

The price of this animal may be in the 8,500 euros.

That others more expensive dogs would you add to complete this list?

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