The most luxurious destinations to visit on vacation

Do you want to know some of the the most luxurious destinations to visit on holiday? In the next few lines we offer you a dream trip through some of the most remarkable enclaves. Can you come with us?

Often, immersed in our daily responsibilities, we are unable to envision a better life where we can put our worries aside. The world is full of corners of unparalleled beauty, which, of course, are worth their weight in gold.

What are the most luxurious destinations in the world?

We offer a list with some of the most exclusive destinations in the world and where you can find authentic luxury hotels to rest peacefully during your stay. Some of these enclaves:

-The latest fashion in premium travel can be found in the Galapagos Islands, archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean. Here you can practice ecological tourism and surround yourself with truly spectacular marine animals, flora and fauna. Recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1978, these islands are presented as a magical environment, located less than 1,000 kilometers from the Ecuadorian coast.

-With an average expenditure of around 351 euros, in Dubai You can witness such spectacular skyscrapers as the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world with an altitude of 828 meters. In this corner of the world, a cup of coffee can cost you four euros, around 7.5 euros for a beer or 22 euros for a bottle of wine.

-Nothing negligible is not the most international city in Morocco: Marrakech, where you can have an average expenditure of around 322 euros. A few years ago, this corner became one of the main sources of tourist interest, who do not hesitate to marvel at some of its treasures such as the Bahia Palace, the Badi, the Saadian tombs or the Koutoubia mosque. Taxi fare can be around two euros, restaurant fees can be around 13 euros plus the 3.80 beer can cost you.

What are the most luxurious destinations in the world?

-The average expenditure of Sidney (Australia) is around 255 euros. We are facing the perfect fusion between a cosmopolitan city and an enclave full of beaches that will lead us to paradise itself, without forgetting its forests and mountains. One of the mandatory points to visit is the Sydney Opera House. In this case, the price of the taxi can be 10 euros and meals are around 50 euros on average.

-The city of leisure, culture and skyscrapers as it is new York it cannot be excluded from this classification. Visiting Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty or just getting lost in the streets and avenues that you have seen in many movies is one of the gifts of this destination. As for prices, the average cost can be around 320 euros.

These prices refer to the base, that is to say the stay of one night at the hotel and without counting the flights. When it comes to the most exclusive accommodations you can come across on your travels, in enclaves like New York, you can find the Eurostars Hotels, who have excellent luxury hotels and they are located in the historic center of major cities or near their financial districts. At present, they have more than 90 establishments in cities like New York, Paris, Berlin, Venice, Palermo, Prague, Mexico or Lisbon.

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What are for you the most luxurious destinations in the worldDid you visit any of them and how was your experience?

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