The most recommended cosmetics by age

The passing of time is something that affects us all and can be seen in the appearance of our skin. To fight this and the power enjoy a much younger skin. Fortunately, we can turn to cosmetics. In the market you will be able to find a large number of different cosmetic products, each with a different formulation and properties. Despite all the differences that may exist between all of these, mainly due to their functions, it is a fact that there are certain types of cosmetics that its use is much more appropriate according to the age. At Farma13 online pharmacy You will be able to find a large number of different cosmetics and in this article we are going to show you which ones you should evaluate your purchase based on your age.

Cosmetics by age

The most suitable cosmetics according to age are:

With 20 years

At these ages is when you start with cosmetics, as they usually happen first skin problems. In this case, the most common and recommended cosmetic products are all those that have to do with the treatment of acne.

Either because of acne problems or because the skin produces more sebum because the hormones are at this stage, creams and products of this style can help us to avoid certain problems such as dry skin.

The most recommended creams for these ages they must be fluid, which are not thick and which include, if possible alpha-hydroxy acids. Thanks to this, you will be able to improve the texture of the skin, its pores and possible acne breakouts will be reduced as much as possible.

With 30 years

It is still early days, but the skin is already starting to show signs of the first signs of aging. Small expression lines begin to appear in the eyes, and the lack of luminosity of the skin is also noticeable.

To start fighting it all, choose moisturizers that in their composition they have hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. In this way, you will be able to slow down all these problems, prevent them to a large extent and recover the lost brightness.

Over 45

Although this is an age where the skin shows less changes compared to previous ages, between 40 and 50 years old wrinkles start to appear more frequently since the skin loses its tension.

Choose nourishing creams, which have retinoids and vitamin C plus hyaluronic acid. As you can see, in this case it is the retinoids that appear for the first time and will be responsible for recovering this tension and also giving greater luminosity.

60 years and over

The worst stage of the skin, where it has lost practically all of its elasticity and density. In these ages, care must be more intensive and therefore, it is important to have products which have a high oil content.

One more time retinol and hyaluronic acid They are very important and, if possible, that the cream or product used has moisturizing properties.

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