Tips for healthy skin

The skin is one of the areas of our body that is most constantly exposed to the outdoors. It is precisely because of this that it is usually one of the most common signs of aging. In this article we will help preserve your skin better. In addition to recommending the collagen supplements To improve the condition of your skin, we are going to tell you about some habits that you can follow to keep your skin in better condition.

How to take care of our skin

What you need to do to show perfect skin is:

Hydrate yourself

Hydration is essential for having healthy skin. To achieve this hydration, in addition to using products that offer you this special hydration such as creams, you should Drink plenty of water throughout the day, make sure they are about two liters. Thanks to the water, the skin will look much smoother and fresher, in addition to being much softer to the touch.

Using collagen

Collagen plays a vital role in giving the skin firmness and suppleness (and not just the skin, it also plays an important role in nails and hair). The natural production of collagen decreases with age, so you can take dietary supplements with collagen that will help your body to regain its optimal levels.

To exercise

Exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Through daily exercise, you can maintain skin firmness. When we talk about exercise, you don’t have to worry about thinking that it is heavy physical activity or just any sport. You can just walk 30 minutes a day, practice yoga, or any other activity that allows you to be a little active.

By doing this exercise, you will increase blood flow to your skin. This way, your skin will receive all the necessary nutrients from the blood, toning the muscles and shaping your skin in the process.

Watch out for soaps

Improper use of soaps can cause serious effects on the skin. When choosing a soap or shampoo, try that it is dermatologically tested and that it is also compatible with your skin type. There are dry and oily skin types, so it is recommended to choose the most suitable gel for each skin so that it takes better care of it.

Excessive cleaning can also be harmful to the skin, because due to this excessive cleaning you will remove the protective grease that it has and leave it more exposed to external agents.


Sometimes doing an exfoliation is good. You can use special shower gels, sponges or perform exfoliating massage to improve your skin.

The purpose of exfoliation is break those layers of dead skinbecause they have accumulated on the skin and make it impossible to breathe. Similar to how it works with gels, you should also check that the exfoliant you are going to use is recommended for your skin type to avoid damaging the dermis.

Exfoliated skin is skin that breathes much better and therefore blood circulates more easily, presenting greater elasticity and better color.

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