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Of the five continents on the planet, Africa is perhaps one of the most magical and fascinating. A destination desired by many, perhaps because it suggests adventure and mystery. Africa itself is a range of peoples, tribes, cultures, beliefs, religions … And among all the places to discover, Ethiopia stands out from afar.

What to see in Ethiopia

Travel to Ethiopia: What to see in Ethiopia?

Considered the cradle of humanity, a place where remains of more than 3 million years have been found, it does not always receive much attention, since tourism is more oriented towards regions such as Kenya and Tanzania. However, what ancient Abyssinia was shows us a reflection on the past, history and our origins.

There are many routes that can be taken in the area. Traveling through the north we can visit towns such as Gonder, Axum, Lalibela, Harar and Mekele. This tour is full of exciting places, which are a kind of trip down memory lane.

For example in Aksum You can visit the remains of the mythical Palace of the Queen of Sheba or the 17th century Church of Santa María de Tizón, in which the Arch of the 10 Commandments is believed to have been preserved.

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In Lalibela we can find a group of churches carved out of the rock A spectacular place, it is not for nothing that it has been considered the eighth wonder of the world.

Harar It is for many the most beautiful city in the country. City declared a World Heritage Site, getting lost in its alleys is without a doubt a unique experience. In addition, as a curiosity, during these walks we can meet hyenas wandering in its streets. Two families take care of feeding them and of course a meeting with them at night will not be easily forgotten (although they are harmless)

The southern Ethiopia This is the ideal route to get in touch with the Ethiopian population, a truly enriching experience.

Tourism in Ethiopia

And of course, Addis Ababa, the capital, is an almost obligatory visit. Only its name, which means new flower, already helps us imagine the wonders that we can find in the area. Of course, the capital itself is not exempt from traffic, traffic, noise …

Of course, with a lot to see (and really impressive): for example, Bete Georgis Cathedral or the Archaeological Museum, which shelters quite a marvel. This is Lucy (actually a plaster cast), who has been believed to be the skeleton of the oldest standing hominid on the planet.

We can’t stop spending time on a hiking trail through the Simien Mountains. It is a national park declared a World Heritage Site and in which we will find one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in all of Africa

Of course, before you start the trip, keep in mind that you will need to inform you of the political situation in which he finds himself the country and diseases you need to be vaccinated against depending on the sites and places you visit. Either way, a trip to Ethiopia is always worth it.

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