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The cities of Ibiza and Dubai have become two of the most suitable for nightlife thanks to the great variety of their places.

Si eres de aquellas personas que disfrutan saliendo de fiesta en un ambiente nocturno y de impresionantes scenes, no hay duda: Ibiza y Dubai son dos de los destinos que necesitas hacer al menos una vez en tu vida porque entre sus distant diferencias, tienen un punto in common. Thanks to its wide variety of venues, clubs and discos, these two places are ideal for lovers of luxury and nightlife because of its many exclusive options.

Ibiza, the beautiful white and festive island

No one in Spain is unaware of the atmosphere that reigns in Ibiza when the club’s first season arrives, but neither in Europe nor in other parts of the world.

The so-called beautiful island includes many places and nightclubs that enjoy overwhelming popularity, among which are Pacha, Amnesia, Privilege or Ushuaia, well known for their brutal staging, dancers, colorful props and electronic music. In addition, the existence of the Ibiza VIP tables It is ideal for enjoying exclusive services and benefits to feel like a king in the midst of the festive fun.

An internationally renowned nightclub

Despite the evolution and popularization of many current Ibiza nightclubs, Amnesia It will always be Ibiza’s star of the night. Since its peak in the 1990s, its growth has been catastrophic, from 16 employees to over 200 today. His brand is establishing itself all over the world, and it is not for less: dj’s like Sven Väth, Marco Carola, Carl Cox, Skrillex or Paul Van Dyk, which typically repeat the scenario year after year.

This internationally renowned club is open every day of the week, offering a different type of party every day, whether in musical style, atmosphere or decoration. The idea is to be able to cover a much larger audience and allow everyone to enjoy the night.

The world’s most luxurious alternatives are in Dubai

The capital of the United Arab Emirates has become a luxury destination. Everything around confirms it: impressive and luxurious hotels, huge shopping malls, magnanimous buildings, thousands of shops and endless nightlife options that compete to become the most glamorous place in the big city by offering also the Dubai VIP tables as an exclusive service.

Dubai style is also found in the variety of venues that host the city’s best parties: from closed nightclubs to beach terraces.

See pictures of famous clubs like Cirque Le Soir, Cavalli Club or Provocateur It is understood that to enjoy Dubai you need to have a good pocket, because the city exudes luxury and power in every corner. All these places have a studied and very elaborate architecture from which emanate incredible modern designs.

But, in addition, all play with the places, thus offering a range of places which makes it possible to propose evenings of all the topics. Nikki Beach or Zero gravity, for example, they are next to the beach and are characterized by their summer facilities: swimming pools, palm trees, outdoor bars and lots of music. A luxury for party animals.

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